A place where countless icons of jazz performed and the famed Bloody Mary cocktail was first invented, the world of luxury and artful innovation epitomized by the first St. Regis hotel never ceases to captivate.


From the moment John Jacob Astor IV opened the doors of his Beaux-Arts masterpiece on New York's Fifth Avenue, St. Regis has stood as a symbol of uncompromising elegance and bespoke service.

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Today, the St. Regis brand is the unrivaled icon of luxury hospitality. Its rich lineage, 
loyal following and highly desirable addresses have made it one of the 
fastest-growing luxury brands.



St. Regis has been one of the most internationally revered names in the hospitality industry over the past century, with a single-minded dedication to the highest standards of quality 
construction and design.


Considered to be the worldwide leader in branded real estate, St. Regis offers a broad portfolio fluxurious residences that promise effortless hotel-style living combined with legendary bespoke St. Regis service. The tranquility, efficiency and exclusivity superbly enchance daily life.



To maintain their position as the world's premier luxury hospitality brand, St. Regis create properties of enduring value supported with a deeply instilled ethic of bespoke service that satisfy the needs and tastes of their higly selective guests.


The strength of the brands has become a promise of a quality of life. With more than a century of hotel experience, St. Regis is an expert in property management - dedicated to meeting the needs of the world's most discerning residential clientele. Created for anyone who has ever had a St. Regis experience and said, "I wish I could live here". The Residences at The St. Regis Jakarta is a natural extension of the St. Regis hospitality and lifestyle.