The classically beautiful living room is furnished with incredible pieces. From Saint-Louis

Mystere black crystal chandelier, Baker sofas and chest all designed by world renowned

designers. All mystified with a little oriental touch from Bika Curated Accessories Collection.

Combined with highly lavish colour of Persian and sapphire blue on the soft furnishing and

lighter multi-coloured fabric options from Missoni Home. The living room is tastefully

decorated to luxurious perfection.



Paired with the living room, the creative edge of a elegantly decorated study. Featuring a

contemporary study desk from Interni Edition with Ralph Lauren home desk objects.

The eclectic duo of single seats from Baker and Baxter, the terrace outdoor sofas from

McGuire, are remarkable pieces that complement the space to relax in.



An interesting juxtaposition of the calming colour palette of the kitchen`s wall panels and a

sumptuous gold leaf finishing of the high ceilings, Saint-Louis`s-Vibration Chandelier

completes the luxurious atmosphere of the dining room. The Barbara Barry dining chairs from Baker furniture create a welcoming yet relaxing ambience. The Ralph Lauren Home tableware and Saint-Louis centre pieces are the perfect company for your dinner party. All are casually but yet beautifully arranged on a contemporary take of an American Classic Design extendable wooden dining table designed by Bill Sofield for Baker.

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The master bedroom warmly enveloped with beige, white & fold features luxurious

curve cornered broad windows, a gold-leafed ceiling with a custom pattern teak

flooring. The contemporary Saint-Louis crystal chandelier of Apollo creates a radiance

of captivating constellation in the purity of clear crystal. Delicately crafted embroidered

custom wallpaper of chinoiserie pattern is sandwiched between a pair of twin

gold-plated mirror and white glossy night standers with carefully selected

shareen-layered front drawer, all custom made by BIKA Furniture.



Drops of colour-chartreuse-green, lavender, pale yellow and multi-layered hues of blue dominate the calming warm-grey and beige, uniquely combined in the sylishly decorated bedrooms. From the perfectly chiselled gold cascaded lamp by McGuire, the Nogal Accent Low Stool from Laura Kirar for Baker, aesthetically bevel-cut Bonnington chandelier by Visual Comfort, all playfully arranged in the open book-case on booth sides of a antique writing desk from The Thomas Pheasant Collection for Baker.



Missoni Home black and white chevron bath collection perfectly compliments the austere

Statuario Italian marble flooding over the walls and floors. LED backlit accent mirrors and

Colonial Style Shutter windows create the opulence of monochrome beauty